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Inspiring better business

Inspiring better business







We unlock the value in you, your people and your business.

How would your business be different if value was at the heart of your conversations


The extent of value destruction in organisations over the last decade is alarming.  How were the decisions that led to these outcomes taken?  What conversations did not take place that allowed this to happen?  What questions were not asked?

Capital Conversations helps businesses have conversations that make for better decision-making. Creating value requires more insight not more data, fresher thinking not more effort, more connection not more division.

Conversations that put value at their heart change the game. They generate better quality thinking by addressing the key questions and pulling on the wisdom of the whole system. They generate a purpose led culture, engage people and functions behind a common mission, and ensure they’re strategically fit for the future.

In short, investing in the right conversations will drive competitive advantage and better numbers.

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How do we unlock value


While value is measured in numbers, it is created by people.

Many businesses get caught in the “numbers trap” – so focused on the numbers they lose sight of what makes the business competitive.

Our process – PathwaysToBetterBusiness™ – brings together people and numbers. Asking purposeful questions, in a spirit of inquiry and dialogue, unlocks your issues, connects your people and inspires action.

Our approach – CoherentOrganisations™ – creates alignment across the organisation, behind a shared purpose and connection through common stories.

Working with us will give you clarity on your purpose and demonstrate how your values translate into enduring value.

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What differences will you see


Your people will engage their teams differently, with a greater focus on how values and purpose shape decision-making and competitive advantage.

They will be equipped to have different conversations – conversations that address the questions that matter, being tough on issues and good with people, and appreciating the real drivers of value creation. They will have a more coherent and aligned approach to decision-making.

Engaging people in conversations that matter, the numbers will take of themselves.

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What questions are at the heart of your issues


How much value would your business create if you addressed these and had the conversations that mattered?

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