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What questions are the heart of your issues, that if addressed would create value for you and your organisation? What conversations will follow if we address those questions? Connect with us and together we’ll find your questions.

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What our clients say

Michael is a terrific facilitator of groups. He is able to stimulate outstanding discussion with the adept use of relevant stimulus, the framing of mind-opening questions and the coaching of appropriate techniques. I recommend him without any hesitation.

Ben Fletcher - MD Boots Opticians

I have worked with many coaches - Michael is in the top tier without a doubt. He starts from a position of curiosity, of exploration, of a desire to find and nurture potential. A fantastic coach that helped me uncover much more than I expected, and then to move on more fully resourced.

Alastair Kidd - Transformational Coach

The course has been very elucidating of certain key areas that I have recently struggled with: namely P/E, DCF/NPV, WACC and operational gearing. Michael did a great job in relaying these concepts in a very clear and concise manner. Again, I have had a great experience with this company and look forward to staying in touch.

Investor Relations - FTSE 250 Company

It was a fantastic course and I finally feel like I have managed to get a good grasp on the numbers and the story behind them. As I mentioned to Michael, it felt like free consultancy at times and will really help me in my role. Thanks a lot!

Corporate Communications - FTSE 100 company

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