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Our team

Their first conversation was in 2008. He trained her in valuation (he’d been an equity analyst, she was in investor relations). Over the years they enjoyed talking about ideas and people, and how the corporate world could create more wealth and enjoy better health!

They met for coffee, worked together a bit, learned together a lot and got to know each other’s story. They let the conversations run…not really knowing where they would go but knowing they were important. They thought that one day it’d be great to share their conversations, so they did a lot of thinking about how and why.  This is the result – so much bigger than they could ever have imagined.

Vicky Ferrier

Vicky graduated with an MA in English Literature, so naturally became an accountant in local government. A long and successful career at Procter & Gamble followed, and gave her uniquely broad experiences in commercial finance, strategy, M&A and marketing, across multiple markets and geographies.

A storyteller at heart, the numbers were only ever a jumping-off point for the value-creation narrative, so a career in Investor Relations was a natural progression.

Five years in award-winning IR teams, in two FTSE 100 companies (latterly as Head of IR & Corporate Communications) provided a whole new perspective on the purpose of business.  She developed an appreciation for two things she felt were at the heart of what separated businesses that created value, from those that destroyed value: the power of corporate values and how an over-concern with “hitting the numbers” led people to compromise on values.

Taking some time out due to family illness provided the space to deeply reflect on this, and sow the seeds that would grow into Capital Conversations.

Learning and growth is a core value she shares with Michael: she is certified in Time to Think, NLP, the Barrett Cultural Transformation Tool and Quantum Leadership. She is also an EMCC certified professional coach.

Vicky’s key skills lie in her ability to simplify complexity and to get to the heart of what drives behaviours in business.  She is passionate about business and passionate about business people.  Whether adding it all up, talking at investor conferences or building capability, she simply loves all that goes into the noble pursuit of creating a customer.

Michael Cahill

After 16 successful years’ in the City as an equity analyst, Michael realised he was no longer enjoying working with spreadsheets and data as much as he used to and wanted something different, something more fulfilling. He was also very aware that there was a culture of  “working too hard and thinking too little” that was not producing great results.

Then began his own development journey, which was to see him unite his love of ideas with working with people. As a coach, trainer and facilitator, learning and growth remains his primary driver given its power to create transformation.

He has been coaching both business professionals and senior coaches for the last nine years.  Seamlessly combining high-level business experience with his coaching, his clients consider their work together to be ‘inspirational’ generating greater value for themselves, their teams and their business.

His impressive range of skills and qualifications as a coach underpin one simple ambition – to create a space for conversations that deliver powerful shifts for people as they begin to think differently and see themselves and their potential in a new light. His clients experience true transformational change, while the experience itself feels gentle, sensitive, imaginative and progressive.

His approach is underpinned by an incisive understanding of finance and what is required to successfully lead large, complex organisations today.  Michael is the author of the highly acclaimed ‘The Financial Times Guide to Making the Right Investment Decisions’. His ground-breaking approach to analysing business and insight into value creation brings a unique edge to his professional coaching.